The H-Series design is based on the creation of modules to cover each of the process steps associated with generation of hydrogen gas. The H200 system generates 200 Kg per day of compressed gas to standard SAE J2719 at 7,500 PSIG.


Generation at point of use eliminates deliveries and tanker/trailer traffic

Carbon intensity of on-site generation of hydrogen as a fuel is reduced by up to 50%

Trailers offer convenient fuel portability and a compact storage footprint

H200 Overview

W400 Overview

Purifies potable/city water and stores it until needed for hydrogen generation.

G200 Module

Combines purified water (from W400) and methane (from Grid) to generate low pressure impure hydrogen gas.

P400 Module

Purifies gas received from G200 to >99.9% purity and conformance with SAE J2719 standard.

C200 Overview

Compresses gas received from P400 to 7,500 PSIG with option to 10,500 PSIG. Interfaces with OneH2 gas distribution modules.

Sample H200 Setup

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