We deliver hydrogen that is ready to fuel — no additional compression necessary.

Hydrogen by the kg

OneH2 offers delivery services via contract with partners usually opting to pay per kg of hydrogen used. With OneH2’s on-trailer, live monitoring systems, we can track the fuel level in each trailer and set up replacement deliveries automatically to ensure our partners never experience downtime from fuel shortages.

Trailer Deliveries

Trailers consisting of gas carriers (metal framed cylinder bundles on-board the trailer deck), low-deck trailers and wireless reporting modules are designed and manufactured by OneH2. 

OneH2 sells trailers that can be used by our partners to deliver hydrogen generated from their own terminals to their points-of-refueling via Trailer Swap, Trailer Bump or Wet Hosing. 

OneH2 also offers convenient mobile refueling modules so you can bring the trailer to your equipment. With OneH2’s high-pressure trailer technology, you can fuel any vehicle — whether a lift truck or truck and trailer — without an additional energy source or pressurization process. It’s ready for use anytime, anywhere.

Point-of-Refueling Trailer Swaps

Using the Trailer Swap method, a trailer is connected to an unloading panel to provide fuel to a dispenser. This sets up a Point-of-Refueling, allowing a trailer to feed multiple dispensers at a single site. 

OneH2 sells the dispensers and panels, generally including installation and commissioning.


  • Used to transport hydrogen between manufacturer and client
  • Travels between the OneH2 facility and your company
  • Conventional triple axle gooseneck hitch trailer
  • Trailer can be driven by pickup trucks
  • Consists of 6-24 DOT high-pressure cylinder carriers, depending on pressure and permits 
  • Hydrogen gas payload of 230 kg at 7500 PSIG
  • High compression allows larger amount of gas in smaller area; low footprint compared to level of compression
  • General Characteristics
    • Approximately 22,000 lb fully-loaded trailer weight
    • Hydrogen Payload: 100 kg – 300 kg
    • 7500 PSIG
    • Fully Stainless Steel Unibody Construction
  • Safety:
    • Includes an Estop and gas detector
    • Gas module acts as control between trailer and compressor skid