Hydrogen Fuel Cells are provided on a pay-per-hour-of-use basis. These fit into forklifts as direct replacements for batteries.

Hydrogen Fuel is pumped into Fuel Cells via an On-Site Hydrogen Dispenser installed at your location, which can be included in the pay-per-hour charge.

Hydrogen Fuel is deployed to Dispenser via a Hydrogen Fuel Trailer parked at your site. The on-site Fuel Trailer is swapped for a full trailer on a regular basis, which also can be included in the pay-per-hour charge.

Maintenance is provided to Fuel Cell, Dispenser, and Trailer by a OneH2 Delivery Technician at no extra cost.


Many large companies have started implementing Hydrogen Fuel Cells over the last decade because they are safer, more cost effective, and better for the environment. The challenge for these companies, traditionally, has been having only one refueling option - which is to have liquid hydrogen delivered to them and then converted to a gaseous high-pressure fuel using a "mini-plant infrastructure" located at their site. These gasification plants are very costly (millions of dollars) and are typically encumbered by a 10-year contract with a Liquid Hydrogen Gas supplier. This causes vulnerability and puts you in the fuel business.

OneH2 has solved the refueling issue. Our solution is mobile and scalable, involves no infrastructure or long-term contracts. With OneH2, you only pay for what you use.

We deliver hydrogen fuel that's ready for "immediate use" - already converted to high-pressure gaseous fuel that takes only minutes to dispense. Our system monitors your daily fuel usage through web-based telemetics to alert us when to schedule the next fuel delivery and trailer swapout.

Why Choose OneH2?

With pay-for-use hydrogen power and the option of quick and easy indoor refueling, our revolutionary hydrogen power distribution system is a true game changer.