Dispense hydrogen on-site with a permanent install in your warehouse or factory.

On-Site Hydrogen Fuel Dispensing

OneH2’s hydrogen dispensers offer a reliable solution for refueling your fleet’s hydrogen vehicles. Robust safety features, durable construction, and innovative design make them an excellent solution for maintaining your uptime standards.


Flame Detector

Provides rapid and reliable flame detection for a hydrogen fire. The dispenser shuts down into safe mode if a flame is detected and activates an alarm.

Gas Sensor

Alerts of a hydrogen gas leak if one were to occur. The gas sensor adds an extra layer of protection for detecting colorless and odorless hydrogen.


Emergency stop button with secondary reset. To be used in the event of an emergency to manually activate the emergency shutdown systems.

Safety Relays

The safety relay inside the hydrogen dispenser initiates a reliable response if an error occurs and reduces risk by halting the machine’s operation.

General Characteristics

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • 15+ Year Life
  • Manufactured and Designed In-House
  • 350 Bar or 700 Bar Refueling

Built for Compliance

  • National Fire Code Compliance
  • Electrical Code Compliance
  • Pressure Piping Compliance 

Safety Features

  • Flame Detector
  • Gas Sensor
  • E-Stop on Dispenser with Secondary Reset
  • Safety Relays (Inside Cabinet) 

Hydrogen for the Way You Work

Whether you use hydrogen generated on-site or delivered hydrogen, our hydrogen fuel dispensers provide easy access to hydrogen fuel for your fleet. Reduce refueling time by placing the dispenser close to your fleet’s operations. The small footprint and built-in safety features make it an efficient fueling solution.

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