OneH2 is vertically integrated to offer supreme reliability and convenience. We design bespoke hydrogen solutions for operational efficiency, maintenance and cost.

OneH2 makes it easy to convert to hydrogen

We will help your business meet your zero-emission, air quality and carbon goals with minimal hassle and upfront investment.

If you’re looking at the new zero-emission vehicles mandates with dread, let OneH2 change your perspective. We will assess your current infrastructure and production needs to develop a rewarding solution that overcomes capital and logistic hurdles.

Many of our partners experience increased efficiency and reduced costs after switching to hydrogen. Their employees benefit from a healthier workplace and their revenue benefits from improved overhead.

OneH2 specializes in two models

OneH2 will set you up with on-site hydrogen generation technology or the infrastructure to take advantage of our hydrogen delivery services. Both options offer an ideal source of emissions-free energy and come with hands-off maintenance services that make sure your operations stay up and running.

On-site Generation

OneH2 hydrogen generators use electricity, water and natural gas to provide an easily scalable source of hydrogen fuel for businesses requiring around-the-clock operations.

Delivered Hydrogen

Any OneH2 partner can benefit from the advantages of hydrogen fuel without investing in large capital projects through our delivered hydrogen services.

OneH2 also offers system monitoring and maintenance and a hydrogen buy-back program.

Oneh2 serves every aspect of hydrogen fueling

Although we provide on-site generators and trailers as individual equipment for sale or lease, we usually provide a full setup of coordinated equipment as a package to optimize your hydrogen supply for your purposes.

Uptime-centered hydrogen solutions

Equipment delivery installation & testing

Live fuel supply monitoring

Automated delivery scheduling

Fast-response maintenance services

Hydrogen buy-back programs

Legacy system service & upgrades

Flexible cost structure options

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Delivered Hydrogen

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