Hydrogen is an alternative fuel that produces zero emissions at the point of use without sacrificing the power and efficiency of other fuel sources.

The Fuel of the Future

As the only zero-emission “refuel & go” technology available for industrial equipment, trucks and forklifts, hydrogen power represents an ideal power source for mobile machinery in the 21st century.

Benefits of fueling with hydrogen


Hydrogen is a zero-emissions fuel for your operations. Especially when working inside, your workers will appreciate having clean air to breathe.

24/7 Uptime

Similar to internal propane, gas or diesel engines, hydrogen offers reliable power and performance. The biggest difference is the absence of carbon dioxide emissions at the tailpipe — the exhaust contains only water.

Excellent Driving Performance

Pleasant experience for both the operator and entire workforce environment with low noise, vibration and harshness.

Quick Refueling

Increased productivity. No extra man power is required to do a battery swap to maintain the forklift. Operators have more time to do their jobs.

On-site hydrogen generation

Hydrogen in Material handling