OneH2 enhances industrial operations with reduced emissions, increased efficiency, and improved workplace environments.


Hydrogen fuel is well-suited for the high uptime demands of material handling operations. Industrial vehicles using hydrogen fuel require less maintenance and shorter refueling times, increasing productivity compared to battery-electric vehicles.

Technological Improvements

Technological improvements in hydrogen fuel and fuel cells have created a viable alternative fuel source for Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIVs). A recent pilot program by the U.S. Postal Service tested hydrogen fuel cell-powered PIVs in its Washington Distribution Center. The results from this study indicated that hydrogen fuel cells offered the zero-emissions benefits of BEVs at a lower cost. Click here to learn more.

Workplace Improvements

In addition to increasing operational efficiency, hydrogen fuel can improve the workplace environment for operators. Reduced noise and zero emissions make hydrogen optimal for truck and forklift use in factories and warehouses. OSHA concerns for air quality and ear protection significantly decrease with the use of hydrogen fuel cells for indoor operations.