Hydrogen in Material Handling

Primarily used for lift truck fueling, hydrogen power can sustain the high equipment uptime demands battery electric vehicles (BEVs) struggle with. In addition, hydrogen overcomes most of the time, space and cost concerns of battery-powered forklifts and other off-road vehicles.

Low noise and zero emissions make hydrogen optimal for truck and forklift use in factories and warehouses. OSHA concerns for air quality and ear protection significantly decrease with the use of hydrogen fuel cells for indoor operations.

For established battery electric life trucks, a hydrogen fuel cell power unit can be swapped in-place of the battery unit. This saves your business significant capital investments and helps offset any switching costs for moving to hydrogen-fueled operations.

  • Hydrogen generators are gentle on the electrical grid and trailers operate independently of building utilities, electrical supply does not need to be upgraded
  • Fuel source housed outside, no extra space required for battery charging and storage
  • 3-minute refuel, no extra worker hours required for battery swapping
  • Excellent driving experience, performance does not diminish as the fuel cell is used up
  • Entirely sustainable resources, no environmentally destructive lithium sourcing or disposal