930 Bar System


Hydrogen Carrier

A truly modular, flexible, hydrogen carrier for both storage and transport. Our 3-pack hydrogen carriers are the perfect solution to move hydrogen safely, efficiently, and headache-free.

Benefits and Features

Stack multiple 3-pack carriers on any transport

Delivered ready to use — no additional compression or processing needed

Operate under DOT issued Special Permit 21259

Triple safety lock redundancies

Operate with 930 bar / 13,500 psig max working pressure

Trailers offer convenient fuel portability and a compact storage footprint


Triple safety lock redundancies.

  1. Computer-controlled interlock for unlimited conditions
  2. Independent safety loops with gas and flame detectors, pressure, temperature devices
  3. Provision for an independent external safety loop for integration to other carriers / systems / infrastructure

More Features

Download a pdf of OUR 930-BAR SYSTEM