OneH2 is the source for customized hydrogen fuel solutions for businesses throughout a broad range of industries. As a vertically-integrated producer and supplier of hydrogen to companies across the United States, OneH2 focuses on helping our clients to transition from their old fuel source to hydrogen while distributing our highest quality of hydrogen to them.

At OneH2, we are Fueling the Hydrogen Revolution with our focus on creating a fuel generation and distribution ecosystem tailored to hydrogen as a high-pressure transportation fuel. Our hydrogen fuel solutions improve equipment productivity and operations and allow our customers to meet sustainability goals with a clear understanding of the economics.


OneH2 was founded in 2015 to make hydrogen fuel an accessible, clean alternative to conventional fuel. Based in Longview, NC, OneH2 is a leader in hydrogen fuel solutions.

Our goal was to create a fast, easy-to-deploy system of hydrogen fuel equipment that eliminated complexities in both installation and maintenance. To make hydrogen fuel as accessible as possible for both large- and small-scale operations, OneH2 developed reliable, cost-effective systems that support high uptime standards.

Since mid-2017, we have operated several million refueling events through trailer deliveries in conjunction with our partners, creating first hundreds of kilograms, then tonnes of kilograms of hydrogen each day with increasingly varied applications.

Today, we are actively supporting partners in their pursuit of zero-emissions business ecosystems across the United States, and we have several new projects underway.


OneH2 began with a single goal in mind: to increase access to hydrogen fuel. We saw hydrogen’s potential as a fuel that could help businesses meet both their sustainability and productivity goals. However, achieving these outcomes required a radical shift from the trajectory of the rest of the hydrogen fuel industry. We recognized the significant barriers to entry for large and small operations to transition to hydrogen fuel and set out to decrease those barriers by:

  • Addressing infrastructure restrictions
  • Providing realistic hydrogen fuel solutions
  • Developing quality hydrogen fuel equipment

Making Hydrogen Fuel Accessible

Hydrogen is a powerful and practical fuel of the future. At OneH2, our mission is to make hydrogen fuel as accessible as possible for large- and small-scale operations. To accomplish this, we engineered generation, transportation, and fueling systems that make transitioning to hydrogen fuel simple and cost-effective.

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Demand for hydrogen production equipment and fuel services is surging at a tremendous rate and OneH2 is growing with the demand. Our production schedule is fully allocated at this time. Join our list for on-site or delivered hydrogen solutions by submitting the form below, and our team will be in touch as more capacity becomes available.

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