On-site Generation

Generate your own hydrogen to meet your 24/7 fueling needs.

Use any source

With OneH2 On-Site SMR Generators, you can use any type of methane to produce hydrogen fuel. With our electrolysis units, only water and electricity are needed.

Small footprint

Our largest on-site generator, the H400, requires only 630 square feet of outdoor space, the equivalent of a city bus. This will fuel a fleet of several lift trucks 24/7.


OneH2 H200 generator can be upgraded to an H400 by adding only two additional boxes (only 50% more space required), and multiple generators can be brought in to match the fuel demands of your business.


OneH2 designs its units to be as simple as possible to improve resilience and make them easy to maintain. With any generator sale, OneH2 offers delivery, installation, maintenance and monitoring of the system.

Flexible Cost Structures

OneH2 provides leasing options for all systems, including opportunities to sell excess hydrogen production back to us to help maximize generator payback and prevent H2 waste.

Control your carbon

Our H2 partners can significantly reduce the carbon rating of their fuel by using biomethane or another “green” methane for SMR modules and purchasing renewable energy sources.



H-Series Hydrogen Generators

  • All-in-one input filtration and hydrogen production units that fit into a few shipping containers.
  • Hook up to power and natural gas source for completely independent hydrogen production, ensuring companies have what they need when they need it
  • Efficient footprint and discreet, pleasing design allow convenient, out-of-sight production of hydrogen
  • High-pressure gas storage tanks allow large volumes of hydrogen in a small space
  • National Fire Code Compliance
  • Compressed Gasses and Cryogenic Fluids Code Compliance
  • Electrical Code Compliance
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Compliance
  • Pressure Relief Device Standards
  • Safety Only 
  • Pressure Piping Compliance

Footprint Requirements

OneH2’s holistic, end-to-end solutions guarantee the production, delivery and monitoring of hydrogen fuel needed to power forklifts for companies across all major industries. This hydrogen is offered through a simple pay-per-use program.

H200 footprint = 420 sq ft

H400 footprint = 630 sq ft

Dispenser space requirement (inside) = 100 sq ft

Terminals & Hubs

A network of generators supplemented by trailers may be appropriate for large fleets, distribution and commercial applications.

“Refuel & Go” Dispensers

“Refuel & Go” Dispensers

Dispensers are installed inside your warehouse or facility to provide a convenient refueling location.