OneH2, Inc. Partners With Douglas County PUD in Development of Hydrogen Terminal & Fueling Station

OneH2 stands at the forefront of sustainable fuel while offering end-to-end hydrogen solutions to innovative communities and clients throughout the west.

EAST WENATCHEE, Wash., Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — North Carolina-based OneH2, Inc. was awarded the contract of supplying hydrogen fueling equipment in a $2.9 million deal negotiated with Douglas County Public Utility District in East Wenatchee, Wash. for the development of a production terminal and a retail fueling station.

The deal includes equipment for both the public and production sides of the project. Storage trailers, buffer tanks, and a variety of other modular components designed for easy maintenance are included in the setup.

The partnership is part of a larger initiative by the Douglas County PUD to produce hydrogen at a new facility. The hydrogen produced by the plant will then be sold at the fueling station for hydrogen-powered automobiles and industrial applications. The fueling station will be built near the generation plant in East Wenatchee at the Douglas County PUD campus.

The initiative is a pilot project being constructed in Baker Flats, Wash. and is slated for completion in July 2023. At full capacity, the hydrogen plant will create 2 tons of hydrogen each day. This is enough to power the average mid-size vehicle for approximately 26,000 miles.

Meaghan Vibbert, Public Information Officer with Douglas County PUD, is confident about the future of the hydrogen plant; in addition to producing valuable hydrogen, the plant will play a role in decreasing maintenance and increasing efficiencies at the Wells Hydroelectric Project dam.

“The ability to create hydrogen with power from our Wells Hydroelectric Project on the Columbia River is a great example of clean resources supporting each other in decarbonization efforts,” Vibbert said.

This partnership with Douglas County PUD kicks off OneH2’s westward expansion of their innovative, hydrogen fueling stations and infrastructure for industrial transportation, heavy machinery, and commercial vehicles. OneH2 plans to offer zero-emission hydrogen fuel up and down the West Coast to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. 

Prathamesh Dabholkar, OneH2’s General Manager of Infrastructure, said of the partnership:

“OneH2 is delighted to be partnering with Douglas County PUD on both the hydrogen production and retailing side. We are excited to see government agencies embracing hydrogen as their future. Our unique method of fuel distribution through our 931 bar high-pressure carriers will allow faster deployment, a concise and modular footprint, and much higher efficiency.”

OneH2 stands at the forefront of sustainable fuel while offering end-to-end hydrogen solutions to innovative communities and clients throughout the west. This project will keep energy grids in balance and provide the hydrogen needs of the future. 

About ONEH2: Based in Longview, NC, OneH2 is a leader in sustainable hydrogen solutions, providing holistic production, delivery and monitoring for zero-emissions hydrogen fuel. OneH2 produces and delivers hydrogen fuel across the U.S., and maintains a growing network of on-site hydrogen generators. OneH2 offers scalable end-to-end hydrogen fuel solutions that enable emission-free workplaces, including hydrogen buy-back programs and custom configurations to suit each business’ needs.

About DOUGLAS COUNTY PUD: Douglas County PUD’s mission is to provide the best possible utility services at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound business principles.

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