OneH2 Fuels Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck at Richmond’s ‘Road to Zero Day’

OneH2 Inc, a vertically integrated hydrogen production company based in Longview, N.C., demonstrated their hydrogen mobile fueling technology to over 300 attendees of the ‘Road to Zero Day’ in Richmond, Calif. The event took place on Aug. 25 at the Craneway Pavilion, a historic location once housing the largest manufacturing operations of gas-powered vehicles on the West Coast. It was here that OneH2 demonstrated their hydrogen fueling capabilities, refueling a hydrogen-powered Hyzon semi-truck in front of a diverse group of businesses, academics, regulators, and community leaders.

As a leader in the transition to hydrogen fuel, OneH2 provides holistic, end-to-end production, delivery of hydrogen. Hydrogen is an alternative fuel to petroleum or gas in the transportation industry. Like electric power, hydrogen produces zero carbon emissions when it’s used as a fuel, hence the name of the event, ‘Road to Zero.’ Instead, hydrogen vehicles emit primarily water vapor and air and are categorized as zero emissions vehicles by the California Air Resources Board.

“A lot of people know about electric vehicles,” said Bill Elrick, the Executive Director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, in an article from the NBC Bay Area news. “This is the other electric vehicle, but instead of batteries, it has hydrogen and fuel cell batteries on board.”

Currently, there is not enough infrastructure in place to support a full switch to hydrogen-powered vehicles. However, hydrogen fuel may provide an opportunity to decrease carbon emissions from passenger vehicles as well as public buses and commercial trucks that can be difficult to electrify.

To meet this growing demand, OneH2 is focused on providing their hydrogen technology to warehousing forklifts and commercial semi-trucks with the objective of eventually providing hydrogen fuel for personal and private vehicles. This isn’t a theoretical idea, either: OneH2’s hydrogen fuel solutions are already out in the field, providing customers with a reliable alternative to petroleum, natural gas, or electricity for key roles in daily operations, such as hydrogen-powered forklifts and trucks. It was this technology that OneH2 was able to bring to the ‘Road to Zero Day’. This technology is not coming—it’s already here.

OneH2 is working with many clients to build hydrogen production terminals and refueling stations around the United States providing critical infrastructure for anyone looking to switch to hydrogen vehicles. Most recently, OneH2 teamed up with the Douglas County Public Utility District to bring hydrogen to East Wenatchee, Wash.

Chevron Richmond, one of the city’s largest businesses, announced during the ‘Road to Zero Day’ its plan to donate Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell cars—zero emission vehicles—to help community members replace older, traditional cars. Chevron also recently completed its Refinery Modernization Project that included the construction of a hydrogen plant. Chevron also intends to build hydrogen fueling sites across California by 2026.

The ‘Road to Zero Day’ was brought to Richmond by many companies, including the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Chevron, OneH2, the California Hydrogen Coalition, and Toyota. Following the ‘Road to Zero Day’, OneH2 is eager to continue to push forward the future of hydrogen and usher in a new age of alternative energy.