Kenworth Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heavy-Duty Truck

Kenworth recently announced plans to expand its lineup of clean energy trucking solutions with the launch of the T680 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). These Class 8 trucks will be powered by Toyota fuel cell technology and will produce zero carbon emissions at the tailpipe. 

Designed for long distances, the T680 FCEV will have a range of up to 450 miles between refueling events. It offers 415 continuous horsepower with a top speed of 70mph, thanks to Toyota’s 310kW dual-motor assembly and the Toyota Gen 2 Dual Fuel Cell Module. 

The T680 FCEV was tested last year in a real-world setting at the Port of Los Angeles. Following this testing, Kenworth is ready to launch the new zero-emissions truck for pre-ordering. Initial customer orders will be delivered in 2024 with full-scale production planned for 2025. 

At OneH2, we’re excited to see companies like Kenworth and Toyota exploring the possibilities of hydrogen fuel. By integrating hydrogen fuel cells into a durable, reliable long-haul truck, Kenworth will showcase the fuel’s viability for use in applications that require longer total distances and extended times between refueling. 

To learn more about the T680 FCEV visit: