Ford Announces Hydrogen Transit Van Test Fleet

American automaker Ford Motor Company recently announced plans to test hydrogen-powered transit vans in the United Kingdom. The test will take place over three years and will use Ford’s electric E-Transit van models that have been adapted to run on hydrogen fuel cells. Ford will partner with B.P. to provide the hydrogen and infrastructure for the project and British online supermarket Ocado. 

Ford is conducting the test in response to increased interest in hydrogen-powered vehicles from fleet operators. Due to its faster refueling time, longer range, and consistent power, many fleet operators today believe hydrogen could be a more suitable clean energy solution for their vehicles than battery-electric options. Fleet managers have also expressed concerns that the higher weight of electric batteries makes vehicles less efficient over time. 

At OneH2, we are excited to see more automakers and end-users exploring the capabilities of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen is well-suited for heavy-duty vehicles or long-distance transit operations. Since hydrogen has zero emissions at the tailpipe, large fleets making the transition to hydrogen fuel from fossil fuels could provide significant environmental impacts as well.