Trucking Industry Explores Hydrogen Fuel Technology

New sustainability initiatives and government regulations continue to drive the adoption of hydrogen fuel in the trucking and transportation industry. In this blog, we’ll explore recent announcements from companies such as Hyundai, IKEA, and IMC as they invest in hydrogen fuel technology. These companies recognize the benefits hydrogen fuel offers over battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). While BEVs can provide solutions for shorter, urban transportation needs, long-distance or heavy-duty trucking requires greater power, range, and efficiency than BEVs can currently provide.

Hyundai has addressed this issue with its Xcient hydrogen fuel cell truck. The company deployed a fleet of 49 trucks in Switzerland in 2020. Since then the trucks have driven over 5 million miles and demonstrated the durability and reliability of Hyundai’s fuel cell technology. Hyundai has built off this successful debut by expanding the distribution of the Xcient truck to the United States. The company plans to continue this expansion by offering the trucks to additional U.S.-based companies.

Hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICE) are also being tested as a lower-emission fueling option. Furniture manufacturer and retailer, IKEA recently tested a prototype truck equipped with a Westport Fuel Systems hydrogen ICE. The truck hauled 40 tons of IKEA furniture products, demonstrating the performance and power of a hydrogen-fueled ICE.

In North America, IMC is investing in hydrogen fuel cell trucks to transition its fleet to meet new emissions regulations in California. The company is introducing 50 hydrogen trucks over the course of 2024. It opted for hydrogen over battery-electric options due to hydrogen’s longer range. IMC Pacific Region President Jim Gillis noted the need for additional hydrogen infrastructure in order to make widespread hydrogen adoption feasible. As more companies look for options to transition their fleets to meet emissions regulations, demand for hydrogen infrastructure could propel development forward.

These developments in hydrogen fuel technology indicate increased interest in lower-emissions fuel options among companies from a wide range of industries. As a company focused on increasing access to hydrogen fuel solutions and creating a hydrogen-powered, lower-emissions future, OneH2 is thrilled to see the trucking industry adopting hydrogen technology. Hydrogen’s longer range, shorter refueling times, and higher performance make it a viable fueling option for long-haul and heavy-duty trucking applications.


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