Hydrogen Safety Standards and Regulations

As more organizations transition to hydrogen fuel for their operations, standardized safety procedures and regulations are key to ensuring operational success and employee safety. Both government and non-government regulatory bodies have developed best-practices for the safe generation, handling, and utilization of hydrogen. As with all fuels, safety procedures for hydrogen are centered on preventing the […]

The Rise of Hydrogen-Powered Trains: A Sustainable Future for Passenger Rail

As the world looks for ways to reduce the impact of greenhouse gasses, the rise of hydrogen-powered trains is gaining momentum. The U.S., China, and Europe are driving this new technology, shaping the future of rail transportation. In the United States, the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) just got its first hydrogen-powered trainset from […]

Maximizing Hydrogen Fuel Safety through Proper Practices

As the world continues to seek alternative sources of energy, hydrogen fuel has emerged as a promising option. It’s considered to be a clean and safe source of energy, but there are still concerns about its flammability and potential explosiveness. In this article, we’ll explore the properties of hydrogen that make it safer than conventional […]