Southeast US Senators and Energy Leaders Promote Hydrogen Industry Growth

At OneH2, we’re thrilled to see the continued development of hydrogen-based technologies in the United States– particularly when these developments are located near our home base in North Carolina. The recent push to establish a regional hydrogen hub project by US senators in the Southeast is a significant step towards promoting the growth of the hydrogen industry and promoting clean energy investments nationwide. Here’s what you need to know.

Hydrogen as a Key Component for Net-Zero Emissions

Hydrogen is a crucial component in the fight for net-zero emissions. With the potential to unlock tens of billions of dollars in economic output in the power, transportation, and industrial sectors while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is no wonder that Congress provided a ten-year investment tax credit for hydrogen production as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Hydrogen Hub program, established by the 2021 infrastructure law, aims to promote the development and deployment of clean hydrogen production, storage, transport, and end-use technologies. It also supports research efforts to reduce the cost of hydrogen and promote the development of new technologies.

Southeast Hydrogen Hub Coalition and Georgia’s Role

The Southeast Hydrogen Hub coalition, a group of energy companies, universities, and nonprofit organizations, has announced a bid to establish hydrogen energy infrastructure across Georgia and the Southeast. The coalition’s member states are home to many of the nation’s leading transportation, logistics, energy, manufacturing, and research assets.

To further drive the commercialization of hydrogen and related technologies in the Southeastern United States, the Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance has partnered with E4 Carolinas. This partnership will serve as the regional connector for companies and organizations surrounding hydrogen energy opportunities while also being a resource to inform regional stakeholders on the benefits and opportunities of hydrogen technologies through seminars, workshops, and events.

Georgia, a crucial player in the bid for the Hydrogen Hub program, has been actively working to develop hydrogen energy infrastructure. Sen. Jon Ossoff has been a key leader in bringing stakeholders together to plan a regional hydrogen hub bid. Earlier this year, Sen. Ossoff and Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols launched the Georgia Hydrogen Energy Braintrust to make Georgia a national leader in the hydrogen energy space.

Senator Push for Hydrogen Hub Program

North Carolina’s Republican senators Thom Tillis and Ted Budd, recently joined their Democratic colleagues from Georgia, as well as GOP senators from South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. Together they wrote a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in support of the hydrogen hub program. According to Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk, the Department of Energy will soon select sites for the hydrogen hubs, and funding will be available by the end of the year. The senators hope that the hydrogen hub in the Southeast will contribute to the region’s economic growth and development as a clean energy leader.

The Hydrogen Hub program is an exciting opportunity for the Southeast to promote clean energy and economic growth, and Georgia is poised to play a crucial role in this effort. The senators wrote to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, stating “a hydrogen hub program presents a unique opportunity to grow the Southeast’s economy, strengthen US energy independence, lower costs for households and businesses, and continue to develop the region as a clean energy leader.”

Concluding thoughts

At OneH2 we are excited to see the continued growth of the hydrogen industry and the push towards net-zero emissions. The potential for hydrogen is vast, and it’s encouraging to see companies, organizations, and policymakers in the Southeastern United States recognize this potential and work towards making it a reality.

The Southeast Hydrogen Hub coalition, the Southeast Hydrogen Energy Alliance, and the Hydrogen Hub program are all significant steps towards promoting the growth of the hydrogen industry and promoting clean energy investments nationwide. With the continued support of key players in the industry and policymakers, hydrogen-based technologies will continue to play a significant role in shaping the energy landscape of the future.