Products from OneH2

At OneH2, we create products that can accommodate any business. Our hydrogen fuel business ranges from fueling one small forklift to a large industry vehicle. Let OneH2 fuel your business.

930 Bar

3-Pack Carrier

A truly modular, flexible, hydrogen carrier for both storage and transport. Our 3-pack hydrogen carriers are the perfect solution to move hydrogen safely and efficiently over road, rail, sea.


Compact Hydrogen Trailer

The smallest of our 930 bar trailers, the T160 is a versatile hydrogen storage and transport solution for those with space constrained sites. Optimized for lift truck applications.


Mid Size Hydrogen Trailer

Our midsize 930 bar trailer, the T320 is a versatile hydrogen storage and transport solution for those who need a combination of maneuverability with significant hydrogen payload. Optimized for passenger car, bus, and truck applications.


Large Hydrogen Trailer

The largest of our 930 bar trailers, the T480 is the ideal hydrogen storage system to pair with our H400 generator, without sacrificing transportation flexibility. Optimized for heavy-duty tractor applications.


Hydrogen Dispenser

Constructed with aerospace grade stainless steel, the D700 is a ruggedized industry leading hydrogen dispenser capable of 700 bar T40 refrigerated fueling for car, bus, and truck applications.


Demonstration Hydrogen
Mobile Fueler

The ultimate demonstration mobile fueler. The M80 is a lightweight single 3-pack 930 bar carrier with both 350 bar and 700 bar refueling nozzles to turn up and demo hydrogen fueling in almost any vehicle application.


Mid-size Hydrogen Mobile Fueler

Our midsize Mobile Fueler. The M240 is the perfect blend of hydrogen payload and maneuverability for portal hydrogen refueling. Suitable for all hydrogen vehicle applications from initial demonstrations to fueling mission critical fleets.


Portable Hydrogen Refueling Station

Our largest Mobile Fueler. The M400 is the most versatile all-in one hydrogen storage, transport, and portable refueling station in a single package. Towed by a Class 8 Tractor, the M400 can cover any distance, and is optimized to wet-hose refuel fleets of vehicles in a single trip.


400kg per day Hydrogen Generator

OneH2’s H400 is an industry leading midscale hydrogen generator designed for rapid deployment close to the point of use. Flexible to produce between 200kg to 400kg of fuel per day, the H400 is a complete hydrogen production plant in an efficient 53ft footprint.


Hydrogen Compressor

The C400 is a hydrogen compressor in a small rapidly deployable 10ft package, suitable to be paired up with any hydrogen generator on the market. While compact in size, the C400 can lift pressures up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi).