New Year’s REVolution

As we look ahead into 2024 and consider our goals for the new year, we are also proud to reflect on the accomplishments we made in 2023. Through this last year, we saw many ambitious goals come to fruition. We were thrilled to announce a new partnership with AMPOL to provide hydrogen fuel equipment across Australia. This partnership expanded our global presence and demonstrated our ability to create flexible solutions that fit our partners’ needs. This type of partnership presents an incredible opportunity to maximize the expertise of both partners. By using OneH2 equipment and the distribution networks of our partners, we can develop a hydrogen fuel infrastructure that makes it easier for industries and businesses to transition their operations to lower-emissions hydrogen fuel. Expanding these partnerships will be a key goal for us as we move into 2024.

Another significant achievement of the past year was a new wave of investment from Chevron, Trafigura, and Papé Group. These stakeholders recognize the value of exploring and promoting diverse energy sources and we are proud to partner with them in this ongoing effort. These investments are used to help accelerate the development and deployment of mid-scale hydrogen generators and fuel distribution solutions, which enables OneH2 to provide lower carbon solutions to our customers.

Our highlight of 2023 was the acquisition of a new manufacturing facility in Clover, SC. This new facility will expand our manufacturing capacity for the H400 modular hydrogen production system. It will enable us to scale our production and further increase adoption of hydrogen fuel across the United States.

Moving into the new year, our vision for 2024 is driven by strategic goals to support the broader adoption of hydrogen fuel solutions. “Our goals for 2024 are significant, but achievable,” said OneH2 President & CEO, Paul Dawson. “This year marks a pivotal phase for OneH2, as we introduce new projects across the United States. We are dedicated to expansion, reflecting our commitment to addressing industry challenges and pushing the boundaries of what hydrogen fuel can achieve.”

One of our key initiatives in 2024 is the continued advancement of our current technology and the expansion of our manufacturing capacity. Paul adds, “In the coming year, we aim to further solidify our position as leaders in the hydrogen fuel sector. Our goals include releasing new equipment for on-site generation, aligning OneH2 with the evolving needs of the industry, increasing manufacturing capacity, and ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.”

As we look ahead, we are optimistic about the growing support for hydrogen fuel adoption by companies, industries, and governments around the world, OneH2 hopes to see the accelerated development and adoption of hydrogen vehicles in the bus and truck sector. With our channel partners and distributors, we will be able to continue the momentum of establishing a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure network. This network supports our goal of increasing the accessibility of hydrogen fuel and its associated equipment. The network will continue to expand, allowing more people, organizations, and industries to realize the sustainability and efficiency benefits of a hydrogen-powered world.

Looking forward into 2024, we are excited by the opportunities it presents for continued growth in both manufacturing ability and partnerships. We will continue to announce new initiatives, company updates, hydrogen fuel news and more on our blog and social media pages. Together, we can work toward the Hydrogen Revolution! Happy New Year!