Heavy Machinery is Making the Shift to Hydrogen Power

The heavy machinery industry is exploring hydrogen as a new method to decarbonize equipment and significantly improve sustainability efforts. Heavy equipment brands, such as JCB, Liebherr, Associated British Ports, and Manitou, are experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen-electric systems to power their machinery. These efforts include converting existing diesel-powered machines to hydrogen-electric, testing hydrogen-powered tractors at ports, and developing hydrogen-powered construction equipment.

Recently, hydrogen has started gaining popularity as a cleaner alternative to diesel and natural gas options. While electric machinery has already existed in the industry for many years, this technology is not suitable for every application it’s needed in. Hydrogen is an alternative fueling option that produces zero emissions at the tailpipe while retaining a similar power, torque, and response time as traditional combustion engines.

Heavy machinery vehicles can even be converted from diesel power to hydrogen-electric, proving that those who own or manage heavy equipment do not need to buy new machines to take advantage of hydrogen power. With the growing hydrogen market, however, there are more ways for companies to purchase new equipment and take advantage of expanding hydrogen infrastructure.

OneH2 already provides many heavy equipment manufacturers and dealers with access to hydrogen infrastructure and fuel, so they can keep their operations moving at optimal efficiency while satisfying their zero-emissions needs. Efforts from OneH2 are helping more companies, even the smaller ones, to take advantage of this newly accessible alternative fuel.

Hydrogen has the potential to reduce emissions from heavy machinery significantly and could help the sector move towards a future of 100 percent zero-emission operations. The efforts OneH2 and similar companies have made in furthering early hydrogen efforts provide valuable insight for decision makers in industrial and material handling logistics who are considering the adoption of hydrogen into their operations.

Source: FuelCellWorks: Hydrogen Leading the Way in Decarbonizing Heavy Machinery
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