GM and Honda Begin Commercial Fuel Cell Production

Recently, General Motors (GM) and Honda announced the start of commercial production at the two companies’ joint hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing facility, Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC (FCSM). The initiative launched in January 2017, with a joint investment of $85 million. Housed in a 70,000-square-foot facility in Brownstone, Michigan, FCSM will produce hydrogen systems for use in both Honda and GM applications.

Touted as “the first large scale full fuel cell system manufacturing joint venture production facility,” FCSM utilizes the expertise and technological developments of both companies. Since their first fuel cell system collaboration in 2013, GM and Honda have developed new solutions that make hydrogen fuel cells more affordable, reliable, and scalable.

New fuel cell systems created by FCSM use fewer precious metals and take advantage of common sourcing to lower the cost of production. Advancements in ancillary equipment and cell design make the fuel cells more reliable and durable. The new FCSM fuel cells are two-thirds cheaper to produce than Honda’s previous Clarity Fuel Cell which debuted in 2019. 

This advancement in the production and design of fuel cell systems marks a significant step in the road to widespread hydrogen fuel adoption. Increased supply of fuel cells and fuel cell-powered vehicles will further increase demand for hydrogen fuel and hydrogen infrastructure. We’re excited to see large manufacturers such as GM and Honda exploring the possibilities for hydrogen fuel systems. Continued progress in these areas will advance industries and economies toward a zero-emissions future.