Benefits of Delivered Hydrogen

For businesses looking to transition to hydrogen fuel, our delivered hydrogen solution can be a beneficial option. It can supplement on-site hydrogen generation or provide hydrogen fuel for operations that don’t generate their own. Hydrogen is delivered ready to fuel, with no additional compression needed. Delivered hydrogen offers multiple benefits including flexibility, affordability, and safety. If emissions regulations have you considering a switch to clean energy solutions, following these three steps is a good start to determining how to transition your fleet’s fuel source.


Delivered hydrogen provides a high level of flexibility for businesses where space is limited or whose fueling needs can fluctuate. Instead of installing on-site hydrogen generation equipment, businesses can have hydrogen fuel delivered via a trailer on a regular schedule or as needed. Our on-trailer live monitoring systems track the fuel level in each trailer so we can set up replacement deliveries automatically, ensuring our customers never have to pause operations due to fuel shortages. For operations that have fluctuating fuel requirements due to seasonality or other factors, fuel deliveries can adapt to fit their energy needs.


While hydrogen fuel can provide operational cost savings over time (compared to electric-powered industrial vehicles), the initial entry costs can be intimidating. Delivered hydrogen allows businesses to transition their fleet to hydrogen fuel without incurring additional costs associated with installing on-site hydrogen-generation equipment. For our trailer deliveries, most clients opt to pay per kg of hydrogen used. So they never purchase more than they need to operate. This also frees up space on-site which can increase efficiency and support floorplans optimized for maximum uptime and profitability. 


Our delivery trailers are equipped with an Estop and gas detector. We have a special permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation for transporting hydrogen fuel. And trailers are designed to withstand up to 40,000-lb impact from any direction without failing. Delivered hydrogen also provides safety benefits on-site as it does not require the additional personnel training and safety requirements of on-site hydrogen generators.

Whether you’re looking for a flexible fueling option that can adapt to your energy needs or a safe, affordable way to transition your fleet to hydrogen fuel, delivered hydrogen offers many benefits. You can learn more about our delivery options and trailer specifications here.