Long Beach Hydrogen Terminal

LONG BEACH HYDROGEN TERMINAL LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA Overview OneH2’s state-of-the-art hydrogen gas production facility in Long Beach, California is a cutting-edge hub for clean energy. Powered by steam-methane reformation (SMR) technology, the facility produces 6 metric tons (6T) of hydrogen fuel to power zero-emissions equipment at the Port of Long Beach and Port of […]

Burbank Hydrogen Terminal

BURBANK HYDROGEN TERMINAL BURBANK, CALIFORNIA, USA Overview The OneH2 Burbank location is a small terminal serving Southern California with a 100 kg per day capacity. It serves as a backup location for Southern California projects that may exceed current hydrogen supply as well as retail sales. Terminal Generators Point of Use Distribution Scope Provides additional […]

Longview, NC

Longview Hydrogen Terminal Longview, North Carolina, USA Overview The Longview facility is OneH2’s corporate headquarters, manufacturing center, East Coast hub, and our first major hydrogen production project. From this major hub, OneH2 supplies hydrogen fuel via trailer transport to customers along the East Coast and across the United States. Terminal Generators Point of Use Distribution […]