Commonly Asked Questions

What is OneH2?
Based in Longview, NC, OneH2 is a leader in sustainable hydrogen solutions. Since its founding in 2015, OneH2 engineered generation, transportation, and fueling systems that make transitioning to hydrogen fuel feasible, cost-effective, and easy. Through its hydrogen fuel equipment and delivery services, OneH2 offers scalable hydrogen fuel solutions that enable its customers to meet their sustainability and uptime goals.

What are OneH2’s primary services?
OneH2 offers on-site hydrogen fuel generation equipment and services as well as delivered
hydrogen fuel programs. For companies that require a high volume of hydrogen fuel for their
operations, on-site hydrogen fuel generation can be an ideal solution. OneH2’s hydrogen fuel
generation solutions help businesses decrease carbon emissions and increase productivity.
OneH2’s hydrogen generation systems produce hydrogen fuel using either steam-methane
reformation or electrolysis. On-site generation is a reliable, scalable, and profitable way to
power industrial operations.

For businesses looking to transition to hydrogen fuel, OneH2’s delivered hydrogen solution can
be a beneficial option. It can supplement on-site hydrogen generation or provide hydrogen fuel
for operations that don’t generate their own. Hydrogen is delivered ready to fuel, with no
additional compression needed. Delivered hydrogen offers multiple benefits including flexibility, affordability, and safety.

How does OneH2 differ from its competitors?
OneH2’s midsize hydrogen generators are small enough to be placed close to the point of
refueling. Trailers are used to cover “last mile” fuel transportation, creating a hub-and-spoke
model where the generators are hubs and trailered hydrogen deliveries are the spokes.

These trailers transport hydrogen fuel at a higher pressure, allowing for a cascade fill at the
point of refueling. This innovative transportation system eliminates the need for additional compression of the hydrogen gas prior to refueling and streamlines the infrastructure requirements for the refueling stations. It also consolidates maintenance needs to focus on the hubs, which further increases efficiency and reduces costs.

What is the Channel Partners Program?
The OneH2 Channel Partner program is a strategic distributor program providing carefully
selected organizations with direct access to our specialized hydrogen equipment. This exclusive
program is designed to establish a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure network to provide
cost-effective hydrogen fuel solutions to a broad range of businesses and industries. The network will serve operations in a variety of sectors, including material handling, trucking and
transportation, and ports.

With this program, our current “hub and spoke” model of hydrogen fuel distribution is expanding
on an international scale. We provide an exclusive group of Channel Partners with our
innovative hydrogen fuel solutions, manufacturing expertise, live monitoring utilities, and dedication to safety. In turn, Channel Partners create additional “hubs” of hydrogen fuel generation which provide fuel for “spokes” of hydrogen fuel delivery to end users. Because of the key role they play in developing a national hydrogen fuel network, Channel Partners are meticulously evaluated and selected based on their industry-specific expertise. This ensures that hydrogen fuel is available for as many end users as possible and that distribution methods are optimized to meet each industry’s specific requirements.

Our Channel Partner program is designed to utilize each party’s respective strengths to expand access to hydrogen fuel solutions. Channel Partners benefit from our hydrogen equipment knowledge, experience, and innovation. Partners use our proprietary generation and transport equipment to facilitate full-service hydrogen fuel contracts with established retail customers looking to switch to better power options in off-highway and transportation fleets. Our team provides additional support to Channel Partners by servicing equipment when needed,
eliminating the need for channel partners to provide training for their teams, or hire employees specifically for equipment maintenance and repair.

The exclusive Channel Partners program allows OneH2 to rapidly expand access to cutting-edge hydrogen solutions.

What are the benefits of hydrogen fuel?

Lower carbon emissions

  • Because it produces zero carbon emissions at the tailpipe, hydrogen fuel can help end
    users ensure their operations meet new emissions regulations and air quality
  • Whether they partner with OneH2 directly or obtain hydrogen fuel through one of
    OneH2’s channel partners, end users can obtain hydrogen fuel and/or hydrogen fuel
    equipment to power their operations using a solution that generates zero carbon
    emissions at the tailpipe.

Improved work environment/Operator safety

  • With zero emissions, reduced noise, lower vibration, and no burn risks, hydrogen fuel
    cells support a better work environment for operators.

Increased efficiency

  • Hydrogen fuel cells refuel quickly and require less maintenance than battery-electric or
    internal combustion engine vehicles, allowing operations to maintain efficiency
  • Hydrogen-powered vehicles require fewer operator hours to run due to their short
    refueling times and lower maintenance requirements. This decreases overall labor hours
    and costs.

Support network

  • With OneH2’s growing network of hydrogen hubs, channel partner projects, and technicians across the country, end users have greater access to hydrogen infrastructure and resources. End users also benefit from OneH2’s integrated safety features in all of the equipment it produces and its service team.

Easier to Implement

  • Using the hub-and-spoke model, OneH2’s channel partners program reduces
    infrastructure requirements at the point of refueling. This makes it easier for end-users to access hydrogen fuel by decreasing costs and the overall footprint of their hydrogen fuel systems.

What industries does OneH2 serve?

OneH2 works with channel partners and end users across a wide range of industries. These include but are not limited to, agriculture, construction, material handling, shipping and ports, and transportation and trucking.

Why does OneH2 use steam-methane reformation for some of its hydrogen fuel
generation equipment?
We see hydrogen fuel’s potential to meet businesses’ dual goals of reducing emissions and
maintaining productivity standards. To achieve these outcomes, we create reliable, commercially
viable equipment that meets the operational goals of today, while optimizing a pathway for
meeting the sustainability goals of tomorrow.

Using a modular equipment model, we tailor fuel systems to fit each of our client’s energy
needs. This equipment uses the most readily available, cost-effective feedstock to make
transitioning to hydrogen simpler and easier. Because hydrogen fuel generates zero carbon
emissions at the tailpipe, businesses will see a reduction in their overall emissions immediately. As we continue optimizing the technology to align financial parameters with emissions goals, clients can adapt their systems to achieve greater sustainability in the production of hydrogen fuel over time. Upgraded models will further reduce emissions while maintaining commercial
viability. This approach provides businesses with the opportunity to realize the productivity and emissions benefits of utilizing hydrogen fuel today while working toward greater emissions
benefits in the production of hydrogen fuel tomorrow.

By recognizing the importance of progress over perfection when it comes to clean energy solutions, we are laying the foundation for hydrogen fuel adoption at scale. This adoption, coupled with continued optimization of equipment and processes, will spur meaningful, lasting progress toward a zero-emissions future.